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Bachelor’s degree

At the Faculty of Science, a system called “structured study” is implemented. Therefore, a student is first admitted to a bachelor’s program, and upon its completion, they can continue in directly or indirectly related master’s degree programs. In the case of indirectly related programs, an entrance examination (usually a written test whose content is determined by the program coordinator) is part of the admission process to the corresponding Master’s program. The Department of Physical Chemistry guarantees the following study programs:

  1. Applied Chemistry (without direct progression to Master’s programs)
  2. Nanomaterial Chemistry (with direct progression to Master’s programs in Material Chemistry and Physical Chemistry)

The Applied Chemistry program is intended for students who are interested in acquiring fundamental knowledge of chemistry at a university level and deepening their knowledge of English and computational techniques. The teaching of chemistry primarily focuses on its modern applications in laboratory and technical practice. This program does not have direct progression and is designed as a professional Bachelor’s program, after which graduates can enter the workforce. However, after completing the Applied Chemistry program, students can continue with a related Master’s program. The admission requirements for the Master’s program should be obtained from the study department or the program coordinator.

The Nanomaterial Chemistry program is intended for students who are interested in the chemistry of nanomaterials. It equips students with the necessary theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills for the study, preparation, and functionalization of modern nanostructured materials. This program has direct progression (without the need for an entrance examination) to the related Master’s programs in Material Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.

There is also direct progression to the Master’s programs in Physical Chemistry and Material Chemistry, which are guaranteed by the Department of Physical Chemistry, from the following Bachelor’s programs: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, and Bioinorganic Chemistry.