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At the Faculty of Science, studies are conducted in the form of so-called structured studies, i.e. in several stages. The first stage is a three-year bachelor’s (Bc.) degree, followed by a consecutive two-year master’s (Mgr.) degree. Most students finish their studies with the Mgr. degree and leave for practice, but there is a possibility to continue their studies in the form of full-time or combined doctoral (Ph.D.) studies. After completing the Mgr. degree, it is also possible to take the state rigorosum examination and obtain the “small doctorate” and its corresponding title RNDr. (more details are regulated by the Rigorosum Regulations of the Faculty of Science UP). The Department of Physical Chemistry guarantees accredited fields in all levels Bc. – applied chemistry, nanomaterial chemistry, Mgr. – physical chemistry, material chemistry and Ph.D. – physical chemistry. The department is an accredited workplace for habilitation (doc.) and professorship (prof.) proceedings in the field of physical chemistry. The Department of Physical Chemistry offers students of all chemical and related fields to participate in scientific-research projects of the workplace, which focus mainly on the field of nanomaterials and biomolecules, not only in the form of bachelor’s, diploma and Ph.D. theses, but also in the form of other projects. According to the evaluation of science and research (by the methodology of the Government Council for R&D), the Department of Physical Chemistry is scientifically the most productive department of chemistry at Palacký University in Olomouc and scientifically the most productive department of physical chemistry in the Czech Republic. If you are interested in scientific work at the Department of Physical Chemistry, please contact either individual supervisors or the head of the Department. Further information on studies can be found on the website of PřF, UP Olomouc or in the system of Study Agenda STAG.

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