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Doctoral studies

The doctoral program at the Department of Physical Chemistry focuses primarily on three main areas: nanomaterials, molecular assemblies, and biomacromolecules. In the field of nanomaterials, we develop methods for the preparation and comprehensive characterization of nanomaterials, hybrid materials, and nanocomposites, aiming to apply them in environmental applications, heterogeneous catalysis, and biomedical applications. In addition to experimental disciplines, we also apply computational chemistry methods and molecular modeling to understand physicochemical phenomena at the molecular level and subsequently design new highly functional nanomaterials. We utilize and further develop a wide range of computational methods ranging from molecular mechanics to advanced quantum chemistry methods and hybrid QM/MM methods. The scientific training of students is conducted by experienced experts from the Department of Physical Chemistry ( Degree

The Department of Physical Chemistry guarantees the following promising doctoral study programs:

    1. Physical Chemistry
    2. Nanomaterial Chemistry